The Singapore General Hospital (SGH) Perioperative Center selectively participates in rigorous local and multicenter international trials that aim to improve patient outcomes.

Below are the trials that are currently ongoing:

1. Preoperative Anemia Among the Elderly Undergoing Major Abdominal Surgery (PANAMA): Impact on Healthcare Outcomes ID: NCT03497416

Preoperative anemia is a known risk factor for morbidity, mortality and increased healthcare resource utilisation. The main objective of this study single-centre prospective observational study is to investigate the perioperative morbidity and mortality, blood transfusion rate, healthcare outcomes and patient-centric outcomes among anemic elderly patients undergoing major surgery.

Status: ongoing

2. Preoperative Intravenous Iron Infusion to Reduce Post-surgical Complications: a Pilot Randomised Control Trial (PIRCAS) ID: NCT03295851

Preoperative anemia leads to increased rates of perioperative blood transfusion, mortality, adverse cardiac and non-cardiac complications. This study is a randomised, open-label study to investigate the efficacy of intravenous iron compared to oral iron in patients with anemia undergoing major surgery to reduce surgical complications.

Status: ongoing

3. The Impact of Prehabilitation Bundle on Perioperative Outcome for Frail Elderly Patients Undergoing Major Abdominal Surgery ID: NCT02921932

Frailty is a geriatric syndrome, defined as an increased vulnerability to stressors leading to a state of decreased physiological resistance. It is more prevalent among the older adult population and is associated with up to a threefold increased risk of mortality or major morbidity postsurgery. This prospective, single-centre, randomised controlled trial with two parallel arm study aims to evaluate the efficacy of a preoperative “bundle” of interventions, which consists of preoperative physiotherapy, nutritional support and cognitive exercises on elderly frail patients undergoing major abdominal surgery, and their postoperative outcomes.

Status: ongoing